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Shanghai de State logistics fast shipped limited is domestic first home business General approved to logistics name registered of logistics company, and is China first provides Shanghai small logistics, Shanghai small checked logistics integration service of logistics company, and is currently China most with scale, and most with influence, and most leading of third party logistics enterprise. de State logistics company brings together and training has a large number of familiar West culture, and deep know modern logistics and de State logistics, and Shanghai de State logistics, and de State logistics company, and Shanghai de State logistics company, and Shanghai German State phone supply chain logistics management, has a wealth of operational experience of the staff. October 08 Debon was Shanghai logistics enterprise Federation named for "Shanghai logistics model base", and became Shanghai selected of only a third party logistics enterprise, and while is Shanghai AAAA level logistics company. this Division main engaged in highway, and railway, and freight, and packaging, and checked, and long-distance moved, and warehouse logistics, service enterprise. recently Debon will input large funds first introduced most advanced of goods track system and hardware equipment; gradually formed has to Shanghai, and Beijing, and Shenzhen, and Shenyang, and Guangzhou, and Chongqing, and Chengdu, and Zhengzhou, and Kunming, Wuhan Station Airport Center, information covering more than more than 50 cities in China's distribution network, international business in recent years and has since opened a Shanghai to Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan, and Singapore and United States air line service network.

Debon logistics for promoted China logistics company development by made of contribution; Prime Minister proposed de State logistics is Shanghai only has influence of logistics company; February 2009 de State logistics also get has domestic logistics industry of praise and recognized, and international famous of enterprise advisory institutions McKinsey and the international famous investment institutions Morgan Stanley evaluation Debon logistics group is China currently "most with value" "most leading" of third party logistics enterprise; 2002, and in domestic logistics company industry cognitive degrees survey in the, and Debon to 48 % Awareness ranks first in counterparts at home and abroad.

us logistics "full protect, trust in" Shanghai State logistics will continue to introduce advanced management concepts and methods, enhance the company's operation and management technology, safeguard the nation's leading third-party logistics enterprises, so that customer trust.

as of December 2008, Debon logistics has 483 branches covering the country's 25 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, more than 500 cities and regions, and more than 8,000 employees to full care of your goods, to ensure fast and safe arrival of goods at destination.

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