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Sea freight is calculated?

Calculation of freight and traders have a very important relationship, for example, a transaction in accordance with C&F or CIF price, how much is the shipping cost in price constitute a proportion of, for the exporter's cost accounting matters. Even with the FOB price upon completion, access to ocean freight information, calculate the price difference between the terms, working against the dollar is also very important. Shipping charges are based on shipping companies specified tariff calculation. At present, the tariff set by the national shipping company, its format is not exactly the same, but the underlying content is very close.
Shipping company's price list, depending on the product type and nature in General, as well as the load and keep easily, and divided into several levels. For the same route, due to the different Grade of Goods, shipping companies of the basic rates are different. Therefore, the product hierarchy level has a great relationship with freight.
Second, freight of calculation standard also not same, for example heavy goods General by weight tons meter received freight, light throwing goods by size tons level meter received, some value high of commodity by FOB goods value of must percentage meter received, some commodity by mixed approach meter received, for example first by weight tons or size tons meter received, then again added several from price freight, performance in freight table in the for:
Tons by weight, and called tons in weight, and tables set out in the "w", on a per tonne or per long ton unit.
Second, according to the volume of goods received, called measurement ton, stated in the table of "m", 1 cubic meters or 40 cubic feet size metric tons as a unit of account.
Third, by volume or weight, calculated by the ship of choice, as in the table "W/M".
Percentage of the FOB value of four, according to the commodity charge, called an ad valorem freight (Ad Valorem), as set out in the table Ad Val or A.V ...
V. mixed standard charge, such as the W/M plus AV. Weight ton or measurement tons plus shipping. In addition, there are also products on the job (per unit) or (per head) charge, such as vehicles, such as live animals, and so on. For commodities, such as grain, ore, coal, and so on, because of large volume, low price, easy handling and other reasons, the shipping company in order to get the sources, you can separate agreed price with the owner.
According to freight tariff calculation, is a relatively complex task, not only need to be familiar with the basic content of tariff, you also need to work carefully, calculate freight expenses, except in accordance with routes and commodity grade, first at the basic rate (Basis Rate) calculated basic freight, and also identified various additional costs of the project, and will require spending additional charge one by one count.
Many of these additional fees, for example, owing to the different commodity, ports, or other reasons, there may be additional fees, and to keep track of the changes.
Surcharges are as follows:
A different, product features and additional charges, such as the overweight surcharges, long surcharges, cleaning fees.
Second, due to different ports and additional charges, such as port surcharges, port congestion surcharge, optional charges, direct additional costs, and so on.
Third, the temporary increase in the surcharge for other reasons, such as devaluation surcharge and fuel surcharge.
Surcharge in fact numerous, far more than this. Worth noting is that some additional costs, such as port congestion surcharge, accounting for a large percentage of the freight, compared with the basic freight, less 10%, and 100% for the more, even more than twice times. Therefore, when calculating the shipping costs, do not overlook the calculation of surcharge.
To give one example. A ship from Shanghai shipping 10 tons, totaling 11.3 cubic metres of egg products, to the United Kingdom at Plymouth, request direct flights, all freight is? Solution: check the classification of commodities, and egg products is 10, standard is W/M; Search China-Europe Eastern Mediterranean route level rate of 10 basic goods rate of 116 Yuan/ton; Identified additional rate tables, at Plymouth direct additional costs per revenue ton for 18; Fuel surcharge is 35%. Therefore, all shipping costs for: F= (116+116X35%+18) X11=1920.60 in this example, 10 tons of egg products was found to classification of commodities, counting standard is W/M and obtained greater as standard, are size 11 tons.

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