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What is integrated logistics

The so-called integrated logistics, is the logistics system as the core of manufacturing enterprises by logistics enterprises and marketing enterprises, until the consumer supply chain as a whole and systematic. It is advanced and mature stage of development of the logistics industry.
Logistics integration of development itself can be further divided into logistics integrated logistics integration, logistics integration of micro-and macro-level 3.
• Integration of logistics itself: refers to the concept of logistics systems gradually established, tend to complete the transport, warehousing and logistics elements, subsystems coordinated, systematic development.
• Micro logistics integration: refers to the market subject status of enterprise's logistics strategy for the enterprise, and a logistics Enterprise Alliance strategy to act as a link.
• Macro-integrated logistics: refers to the development of the logistics industry of the country's gross national product a certain proportion, dominance of the socio-economic life, enabled TNCs from within function specialization and international division of labor in the degree of access to economies of scale.

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