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Basics of forwarding

Export business
(A) B/L issued (production)
0 1 owner B/L (MASTER B/L) (see figure j)
Note: this case MB/L shipper for exporters, consignee importer or to order
0 2 out of HB/L: (to the customer) (see figure k)
Note: in that case: I) freight forwarding needs prior consent of the carrier latter accepts H-B/L can check
II) freight forwarding in addition to H-B/L to the original shipper usually give Carrier a H-B/L copy, as indicated on the "domestic Carrier with this H-B/L, and invited the Carrier to provide the Division with MEMO B/L"
ⅲ) Carrier's Agent forwarding is required "delivery notice" before they can sign D/O to the Consignee (recovered from the Consignee after H-B/L) (doing so is afraid of forwarding freight has been received the goods out)
IV) H-B/L shipper for exporters in this case, Consignee importer or to order
0 3 both M-B/L, and H-B/L (see figure l)
Note: in this case H-B/L shipper consignee for importers to exporters (actual consignee) and M-B/L shipper for forwarding, agent of the consignee is usually the freight to the port of destination or: to order of H&T (indicated by the credit) and Notify H&T'S Agent (displayed when the consignee "to when the order of H&T)
2, Bill of lading process: ① Forwarder B/L sample → check the return Fax to the customer. If the customer return and single, usually to amend fee (£ 50~150)
Forwarder the B/L to Carrier Carrier → check, confirm the return and the original B/L (if the customer requests MB/L) or: do B/L sample Carrier to Forwarder (or: Carrier called Forwarder feeding) → Forwarder audit confirmation by return.
II another a practices: Forwarder fill material to Carrier (or out B/L sample to Carrier) → Carrier check correct (errors is change) confirmed Hou return B/L (for B/L of fax pieces) → received Carrier of B/L fax pieces, check correct Hou, to Shipper → Shipper check correct (errors is change) signed "OK" (that confirmed) back to goods generation → goods generation again back to Carrier
3, anti-date B/L: signing bills of lading. In General, shipping companies are not allowed to MB/L it to check, but if customers request Forwarder HB/L backdating, if the clients of high integrity are considered.
"China Unicom" rule: I) signing time in the 5th, OP access client (which requires signing B/L) L/G or L/I (Letter of Guarantee and the Letter of Indemnity "letter of guarantee") or by deposit to in Doc. Dep. (Documents Department files, documents Department) issued;
II) signing time 5-7, commissioned by the line manager, according to units of credit (Credit; Reference) and decide whether they agree that if agree with the signature of documents;
III) 7th above, in addition to airline managers signed yet to be achieved, General Manager of instructions to be issued;
IV) in principle, the company does not check more than a 10th of B/L
Signing bills of lading: e.g.: shipment date as the 12th, on the Bills of lading "Issuing Date" (= date of Issue (place&date of issue) written 4th bar (under the aforesaid subsection III) case);
B/L advance (Advanced B/L): Cabinet not on board checked B/L.
Example: Cabinet plans on the 12th to have been loaded, and Shipper L/C requirements of "shipment" (shipping date) is very near (for example: Shipment Date for 10th on the L/C. The Shipper may apply for Carrier ahead of signing B/L, in the bar displayed on the B/L (Show) the 10th;
"China Unicom" rule: I) B/L advance shall be signed by the Managing Director and original company guarantee issued by the Shipper (the so-called "original", that is, the original original; can't be Fax or copy (copy);
II) only after the customs clearance can be considered advanced B/L issue.
Company guarantee: must be stamped with the seal of the company. Attn signature alone does not call the company guarantees
Also: backdating antisense to shun signed the Bill of lading the Bill of lading. Shun signed Bill of lading in many companies is prohibited.
4, when a customer is required to pay the freight (to collect), to be shown on the B/L is responsible for charging port agent (Forwarder's Agent at POD); H-B/L bar called "Delivery Agent" If the Forwarder at POD agentless, principal fellow agent and Carrier's Agent at POD (shipping company at the port of destination agent), after the consent of (if it agrees to pay Forwarder receives freight), it could go to the fees, it was called "to pay handling charges" handling charge (HDLG HDLG or CHG FEE); To tell her Agent back B/L. Note: due to owner standard transfer agent may be Forwarder's by the Carrier the freight forwarder, so many forwarders commissioned its peer agents collect freight of freight to the port of destination.
5, when L/C (letter of credit) (customers by L/C settlement payment by L/C), requirements documentation consistent, consistent. If the L/C provisions Transshipment (T/S) is not allowed. And in fact is the Zhongshan feeder HKG mother vessel LBH (long beach, in the West), if the Guest accepts HB/L, then:
① to h on the B/L, POL "HKG" (Zhongshan) and only ship (Mother Vessel or Ocean Vessel) vessel name (no boats). Place of Receipt display (show) "HKG" (POL). POD displays the LBH
II on the MB/L, because the shipping companies have generally refused to make changes. Therefore, MB/L to play two (Feeder & mother vessel). POL showed Zhongshan; Place of Receipt Zhongshan. POD displays the LBH (noted below Via HKG)
Note: the L/C should be particularly careful. L/C "harsh" requirements, such as:
I) according to the provisions on packing process (install half, with 3/4, when loading the take a picture, even the seal according to);
II) provides documented and proved basic conditions of ships (ship; Israel customer requirements a ship has not been to the Arabian Countries (Arab countries), while Arab States may request delivery of the ship has not been to Israel; B/L chapter on the permit to build the ship, shipping companies seal)
III) to Karachi (Karachi, Pakistan), B/L Gross Weight.Net to display Weight; go to the United States Cabinet, usually strict compliance with its provisions
IV) to Australia and NZ Quarantine to display Code (quarantine). Original quarantine certificate attached to the shipper to the Consignee after the original B/L for which import customs clearance formalities; copy of the quarantine certificate for vessel in POD Carrier Declaration.
V) to Guayaquil, on the B/L Consignee column shows the destination recipient's tax number (Consignee inform Consignor → Forwarder)
ⅵ) New Delhi (New Delhi)-t, p, Hong Kong; Manila South port (South), North port (North) Division. Lagos (Lagos, Nigeria Nigeria, West South Africa) Lagos port of Apapa II
Note: be sure to note the l/c is valid, must be earlier than the date of the B/L L/C validity. Cases: ① l/c of valid date for May 31 (before May 31st), shipping date for May 20, is must Yu May 31 Qian received single make on the pay line on the pay (documentary); II if shipping date for May 1, is May 22 Qian needed make single on the pay (shipment future 21 days within will make single on the pay), above ① II make single on the pay daily will early Yu l/c of validity!
Note: when making a L/C, Notify on the B/L is often filled to the issuing bank (issuing bank=opening bank), Consignee filled to order ofxxxBank; rather than under the L/C, if registered B/L,Notify to fill "the Same as Consignee"
6, and do L/C Shi (customer to L/C settlement), if L/C provides Transhipment is not allowed, and actually is has turned ship, for example: Zhongshan → HKG → purpose Hong Kong, if head drive, and II drive are by ship company bear, is can such do: persuaded customer to H--B/L settlement, if customer agreed accept H--B/L, is: H--B/L Shang of Loading Port (POL) displayed "Hong Kong "(Not" Zhong Shan ")," pre-carriage by "bar empty does not fill, ocean vessel, ship name appears, the" Place of Receipt "show HKG, due to M--B/L settlement, so banks are seeing M--B/L. If drive undertaken by the Forwarder, Cheng was borne by the shipping company, you can use the M-B/L settlement (fill the content on M-B/L with the above H-B/L)
Note: now very few L/C provisions "do not transfer"! exporters in Guangdong Province and foreign clients (importers) when the contract is signed, the best view to the port of loading (POL) as "one port in Guangdong Province."
7, Bill of lading, single sample.
① Huangpu feeder HKG ocean vessel LAX (W.C) bridge MLB NYC (E.C). Then: Pre-carriage by ______ (fill feeder ship barges); Ocean Vessel_____ (fill in the ship name) Place of Receipt by Pre-Carriage_____ (fill in Huangpu); Port of Loading_____ (fill in HKG); Port of Discharge_____ (fill in LAX); Place of Delivery: If the shipping company responsible for NYC to enter NYC if responsible to fill LA LA. Final Destination (if goods to be transshipped at port of discharge) (Applicable only when document used as a through B/L: only when the B/L is used as a whole only when transport B/L to fill this column!) ______ (Fill in NYC)
② Qingyuan (Qingyuan) trailer HP (Whampoa) HKG LAX NYC. In that case, from the land of Qingyuan to Whampoa, not shown on the B/L, just forwarding to know
Third Note: ① example, or it can be filled "Pre-carriage by____" bar: POL fill fill HP,POD HP,place of receipt filled out LAX (HKG B/L and not displayed to show, because two bars are POL,POD write-HKG, you can specify POD in parentheses under "(Via Hong Kong)". Final Destination still fill the NYK
④ ① examples, will also not fill "Pre-carriage by____" and "place of Receipt" second bar: POL fill HP; Port of Discharge fill fill LAX of delivery or NYC, Final Destination fill in NYC.
⑤ from Huangpu direct (direct to) LAX, then: POL fill HP,POD fill in LAX. Final Destination is filled in from the LAX after unloading transit destination (may be inland, may also be a port in E.C.or G.C).
Note: most of the B/L no "Port of Destination"; a few Feeder Vessel on the B/L
8, and sometimes, if the cabinets fitted with ship (mother vessel, ocean vessel, from HKG to overseas) date as B/L issuing date (date) later than stipulated in the l/c shipment (Shipping date), you can drive from HKG to PRD head of feeder day sailing (sailing date) as the date of issue of B/L,
9, the Pearl River Delta feeder HKG shipping abroad
0 1, some customers require only ship names, not the barge, on the B/L "pre-carriage by" bar empty does not fill, and ship name appears in the "ocean vessel", the date of shipment (on board date=laden on board date=shipped on board date) and the daily show the ship sailing.
0 2, some customers require shipping, boat show, the barge hit in "pre-carriage by" bar shipment day sailing day to fill out shipping, will ship in "ocean vessel" bar.
0 3, and Dang time is urgent, B/L in the "shipment day", if displayed ship of, is late Yu L/C provides of "shipment day" effect exporters settlement, is can modifications about, "pre-carriage by" bar empty with not fill, and Yu "Ocean vessal" bar playing barge name, "Laden (shipped) on boared date" bar displayed barge of shipment day (goods loaded Shang barge of date)
0 4, if pressed for time, in case No. 02 "shipment date" also shows the barge.
0 5 is another variation: application to the Carrier, and give customers h B/L (provided that the customer agrees to sign h B/L), h B/L backdating.
Eg:L/C provides Shipping date of May 1 St., Ocean B/L settlement, the feeder loaded Cabinet on May 1. Mother vessel loaded May 4 (in HKG for transshipment). If on the O-B/L "sailing day", "shipment date" show on May 4th, is bound to the settlement are in trouble, you can use these 0 3 0 4 0 5 alternative approaches. Note: on the three alternative practices, for shipping order (S/O) usually need to fill out a will be pushed back the date on S/O, (to be provided when customs S/O), declaration to barge voyage (PRD HKG) Declaration.
10, H-B/L usually have a bar "Delivery Agent", this bar is important, fill in the port of destination of goods using agents (some forwarders, some CO-LOADER, some consolidation companies, either Carrier)
11, when to sign MEMO-B/L:
1) customer requirements when H-B/L, Carrier may check MEMO-B/L to the Forwarder;
2) CO-LOAD business, Carrier sign CO-LOADER, CO-LOADER signed to forwarder
I) use A's agent of goods:
Shipper A B Carrer
II) not checked MB/L just signed a HB/L,consignee HB/L to the Carrier's Agent directly
III) check MB/L (not sign a HB/L) fill shipper exporters.
3) forwarding under bulk ration consolidation companies, consolidation company to freight.
4) port of destination of goods, whose agent, who can give their agents sign MEMO-B/L,
Note: MEMO documents (Word documents indicated on the MEMO), this document is not transferable, but no "proof" function, only the "References", "memo" function. Its function is equivalent to Non-negotiable documents.
5) MEMO written as a plural for Memorandum Memoranda
11, note: Shipper to get a full set of original B/L must take care of. Where a Shipper will full original B/L had lost. Forwarder and shipper has tried to persuade shipping companies to do TLX (electric) but was rejected, no way Forwarder B/L, had to make a statement in the newspaper xxx (the one lost) set aside, then signed.

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