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A, what is the
Customs clearance is necessary to complete the customs procedures part. Refer to the turnover boundary transport means head, cargo and goods the consignor or his agent, through a Customs port, according to the report and the process of going through the formalities.
Customs related objects can be classified as inbound and outbound means of transport and goods and articles in two categories. Due to the different nature, the customs clearance procedures are different. Means of transport such as ships, aircraft, should normally be performed by the captain, Captain signed arrival, departure declaration forms, submit the cargo manifest, air freight, ocean freight and other documents to the customs declaration, customs supervision of a proof for loading and unloading goods and passengers up and down. While the cargo and goods should be determined by the consignor or his agent, according to the nature of the trade goods or categories of goods, to fill in, and accompanied by the relevant statutory documents and commercial and transport documents to customs. As belonging to the bonded goods, should be "bonded" to declare, Customs Act and regulation and different from other forms of trade goods.
Second, import and export customs clearance information required
(A), export declarations required information
A, clearance information required:

4, the verification form
5, Declaration of a proxy
6, terminal equipment interchange receipt (issued by a Terminal)
7 and shipping documents (declarations issued by the company)
8, other information considered necessary by the Customs
B, transit information required:
1, the driver of the (Customs supervising and managing cargo must contain permit)
2, terminal equipment interchange receipt (issued by a Terminal)
3, shipping documents (declarations issued by the company)
Exit car 4, Customs has signed manifests and export goods declaration manifest
(B), the information required to import
A, clearance information required:

4, Declaration of a proxy
5, Bill of lading (D/O)
6, has the endorsement of a bill of lading (B/L) Annex
7, other information considered necessary by the Customs
B, transit information required:
1, the driver of the (Customs supervising and managing cargo must contain permit)
2, copy of your invoice/packing slip/Bill of lading
3, Bill of lading (D/O)
4, the paper declared in advance of the import goods declaration form
Three, customs programs
All work program is divided into reporting, inspection, and release phase.
Collection of import and export goods, consignors or their agents, at the time of import and export of goods, within the time limit prescribed in the customs, customs form for import and export declarations, accompanied by the documents relating to transportation, commercial, as well as approved the import and export of documents, to the customs declaration. Declaration of main documents are the following:
Import goods declaration. Fill in two copies (some number of customs declarations for three). Customs single filled project to accurate, and complete, and handwriting clear, cannot with pencil; customs single within the column, where customs provides has statistics code of, and tariff, column and the tax a items, by customs with red pen fill in; each copies customs single limited filled four items goods; as found situation has no or other situation needed change filled content of, should active, and timely to customs submitted change single.
Export goods declaration form. Fill in two copies (three customs requirements). To fulfill requirements and import goods declaration are basically the same. As a result of making errors or need to change fill and changes are not proactive, timely, shut out after the export declaration, customs units should be within three days on the Customs correction procedures.
With the customs declaration inspection of cargo, commercial documents. Any import and export cargo through customs, must be submitted with the completed declaration to the customs at the same time, supporting freight and commercial documents, subject to Customs examination all documents is consistent, and after approval by the Customs seal, as extraction or shipment documents. With the Customs Declaration and inspection of freight and commercial documents are: Ocean import bill of lading seaborne export cargo (Customs seal requirements); land and air waybills; invoice of the goods (the number one less than declarations, Customs seal requirements); goods packing list (number equal to the invoice, Customs seal requirements). To be sure if the Customs deem necessary, customs unit should also submit the trade contracts, ordering cards, certificate of origin, and so on. In addition, according to the regulations, tax reduction or exemption of goods, shall apply to the Customs and we have completed the formalities, declarations supporting documents.
(A) licensing of goods. Import and export licensing system, is a means of administrative protection to manage import and export trade. As with most countries in the world, also uses a system of comprehensive management of import and export goods and articles. Must submit the import or export of goods to the customs permit goods are not fixed, but published by the national authority at any time to adjust. Under State regulations, they receive permits the export of goods goods, customs clearance are required to submit import and export license issued by the Management Department for foreign trade and the customs inspection qualified for errors before they can release. But foreign economic trade cooperation Department belongs of import and export company, and by State approved business import and export business of a parts belongs of trade company, and a province (municipalities, and autonomous regions) belongs of import and export company, in approved of business range within import and export commodity, considered to made license, from led import and export goods license, only by Customs single can to customs declared; only in business import and export business range yiwai of commodity Shi only need inspection license.
Inspection and quarantine system: State administration for entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the customs service implemented with effect from January 1, 2000 a new system of inspection and quarantine clearance of goods, customs clearance mode to "inspection and customs." Entry-exit inspection and quarantine departments will enable both new seal and certificate.
New inspection system for original health inspection Bureau, the Bureau of animal and plant, commodity inspection Bureau "three checks" to fully implement the "inspection, sampling, inspection and quarantine, sanitary disposal, a charge card for a release" procedures and "foreign" international new mode of inspection and quarantine. And from January 1, 2000 up, on implementation import and export quarantine of goods enabled "entry goods clearance single" and "exit goods clearance single", and in clearance single Shang stamped test quarantine dedicated chapter, on included immigration test quarantine institutions implementation test quarantine of import and export commodity directory range within of import and export goods (including turned shut transport goods), customs are by goods customs to immigration test quarantine Council issued of "entry goods clearance single" or "exit goods clearance single" inspection put, canceled original "inspection, and moving plant check, and Wei check "To release a single, certificate and Declaration affixed to release customs clearance form. Meanwhile, entry-exit inspection and quarantine certificate was officially opened, the original "three checks" on behalf of foreign certificates issued since April 1, 2000 will be discontinued.
Also, since 2000, has signed contracts, letters of credit are in accordance to the new rules.
Customs and customs unit "entry clearance" or "exit clearance of goods", on the one hand is the statutory inspection inspection inspection of goods are receiving statutory; on the other, to obtain import and export tax, tax exemptions and tax basis. According to the People's Republic of China import and export commodity inspection law and the inspection bodies to carry out the inspection of import and export commodities under the table, all included in the list of official inspection of import and export commodities, prior to customs inspection to the inspection body. When customs clearance of import and export commodities, issued by the Customs authorities of the "entry of goods customs clearance" and "outbound customs clearance of goods" imported goods customs form stamped seal of acceptance.
In addition to the above document, but other import and export control of goods on national requirements, customs units must also be submitted to the Customs authorities by the State issuing the specific import and export approval document, from customs inspection after qualifying error and then releases them. Such as drug testing, the export of Antiquities sign, gold and silver and its products, management, precious and rare wildlife management, import and export of sport shooting and hunting with firearms, ammunition and explosives management, import and export audio management fall into this column.

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