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Six logistics bar code classification of accounts

In modern logistics enterprises, usually with a bar code symbol to express logistics identification coding. This form of Symbology Encoding on a day-to-day basis, the product has the ability to automatically identify, to automate tedious manual labor to identify, so that the entire logistics operation to achieve fast and accurate results.
Express Logistics identification code symbology encoding, code system can only identify a content code system is able to identify a lot of content, this article focuses on specifically denotes logistics code bar code system, the current GM's main product barcode, Bar code in dispatch unit, and trade unit 128 yards and so on.
First, the Bar code in dispatch unit
Bar code in dispatch unit is specifically a barcode that represents the storage unit code, this barcode commonly used for transportation, warehousing, ordering and shipping process, generally consists of consumer unit packaging unit. Bar code in dispatch unit, and is divided into quantitative logistics unit (consists of quantitative consumer unit storage unit) and variable storage unit (represented by the variable composition of consumer unit storage unit).
Quantitative logistics units generally use 13-or 14-bit digital code. When quantitative and quantitative consumer unit storage unit should be coded according to quantitative consumer unit, such as refrigerators and other household appliances, the quantitative consumer unit coding is equivalent to universal product code. When the same kind of quantitative consumer unit quantitative storage units, can assign a quantitative storage unit to each consumption unit contains code that distinguishes it 13 digit code, you can also use encode 14 digits.
Quantitative packaging storage unit indicator (v) indicating quantitative storage units of different packages, ranging in value from V=1,2,...,8. Quantitative consumer code refers to quantitative quantitative consumer units in a storage unit included in code to remove the 12-digit code after the check character. Quantitative logistics unit code bar code ID may 14-bit interleaved 25 barcode (ITF-14) identify quantitative storage unit. When quantitative and quantitative consumer unit storage unit, you should use the EAN-13. EAN-128 can also be used a 14-digit code that identifies the quantitative storage unit. Encode 14-bit digital variable storage unit main code and the 6-digit add-on code, code structure as in Figure 5 additional code values for LI=9.
Second, the additional code (Q1-Q5)
Additional code (Q1-Q5) is contained in the variable within the storage unit, according to determine the basic units of measurement (for example, kilograms, meters, and so on) measuring number of acquired goods. Variable storage unit main code ITF-14 bar code identification, additional code ITF-6 (6-bit interleaved 25 barcode) logo. Variable storage unit main code and additional code can be identified with EAN-128.
Third, the trade unit 128 barcode (EAN-128)
Trade Unit 128 bar code (hereinafter referred to as 128 bit) is a variable-length continuous bar code. About 128 bar code for identification of the characters, quality assurance, bar code printing as well as check character calculation method see GB/T15429-94. EAN-128 barcode is used for the application identity.
EAN-128 barcode character code location must be in the form of human-readable bar code symbols above or below. Check character is not part of the data characters and therefore not marked in eye-readable form.
Code EAN-128 bar code symbols on the corresponding data location, and character type is not specified, but it must be legible and placed reasonable.
When EAN-128 barcode symbol when used with the EAN-13 or ITF barcodes, best placed in EAN-13 or in parallel ITF primary key symbol on the right side. Leave enough white space conditions, minimize the distance between the two symbols, symbol of the height should be the same.
If there is no ideal position, EAN-128 barcode symbol best placed close to the main code, and reasonable the position between the symbols. EAN-128 barcode symbol the symbol should be the primary key in the same direction. EAN-128 barcode is used for the application identity.
14.123kgs by the next layer of a bar code of the goods (0103) 014123 symbols, and shelf life on August 27, 95, also through a layer of barcode symbols (15) 950827 to show it. In practice, people can use bar code scanning equipment directly related information computer system, faster processing speed and improves accuracy.
IV, item code
Item code 5-3-numbers, item code is encoded by the firms themselves. At the time of preparation of the item code, manufacturers must abide by the basic principles of coding of goods only and no meaning. The EAN system, product code is just a means to identify goods, rather than a means of classification of goods.
Five bar
Product code is used to identify the international universal product code in a module of type barcode. MDaemon standard product code (13) and the EAN product code (8 bits). Expressed in a standard bar code consists of 13 digits.
Six, the manufacturers identification code
Manufacturers identification code 7-9-numbers used for unique identification of the vendor. Manufacturers identification code EAN Code assigned by the Organization in the EAN prefix code (X13X12X11) are assigned on the basis of the manufacturer's code. Prefix code is code that identifies the EAN Code organization, unified management and distribution by the EAN.
Seven, the check code
Check code 1 digit, used to verify the vendor identification code and the correctness of the item code. Standard bar code symbols from the left margin, initial sign, data on the left side, the Middle separator, the right data, sign, verify, terminator, right margin area and for people to identify the characters.

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