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The difference between logistics companies and freight forwarding companies

Logistics include: shipping, trains, car transport
Freight forwarding agents is their transportation company shipping companies are shipping companies, three interrelated.
Freight forwarding and logistics (third-party), shipping companies are essentially the same.
Freight forwarding is different from shipping, shipping representative shipping companies handle the booking, booking, single, box, and so on.
Forwarder with a primary and secondary points, level forwarding $ invoice, invoicing secondary did not and had to go to the IRS.
Level forwarders can complain directly to the shipping company booking, but not necessarily eligible booking, there are many shipping companies only a few specified forwarder as a set of hatch. So how is not to say that there is, most of the levels are limited to a few shipping companies have booking rights.
Has the right to nail tanks level forwarders do not necessarily get better prices and service, there are many situations, booking agent instead of through his booking that forwarder (other grade I or grade II) prices and inventory.
Port (Shanghai, Ningbo) the forwarder is not necessarily the generation, 90% port forwarding there is no booking goods of the right generation or second generation, so don't assume that port forwarding how to do good.
Forwarder's main job is booking, customs clearance, cartage and other work, not what can be done.
Customs clearance is not necessarily the Customs Broker (company), freight forwarders can also reported that the freight forwarding customs thing, something else he doesn't do!
Cargo booking booking through freight forwarding to shipping companies, shipping company owner of your single, eventually by the forwarder.
LCL booking not to order from shipping companies, but through freight forwarding companies, shipping companies generally do not accept LCL, so consolidation is generally not the shipping company a bill of lading the Bill of lading.
Forwarder NVOCC and level of the essence is the same, which was approved by the Ministry, which was approved by the foreign trade and economic cooperation, the former can be the shipping invoices, the latter can only be used a proxy invoice. They can open dollar invoice. But if you can, it can only choose one.
Without a boat with the two brands can have a company, so often to see what shipping company that is, what generation is non-vessel.
Select freight mainly by his service, service is the key, price also want cheap, cheap. So a generation or second generation, no shipping or you want you to feel your mouth that is nothing, I hope you can find your favorite goods.
Freight forwarding concepts
Of an International Federation of freight forwarders associations will be delivered is defined according to the customer's instructions, Range Rover take the interests of the persons for the customer, who is not a carrier. Freight forwarders can also these conditions, engage in activities associated with the transport contract, such as storage, customs declaration, inspection Declaration, collection.
Implementing rules for the regulations of the international freight forwarding industry in China is defined as international cargo transport business as import and export cargo the consignee, consignor's agent, also can be used as independent operators engaged in international freight forwarding business.
International freight forwarding enterprises as agents engaged in international freight forwarding business, refers to the international forwarding agent accepts incoming and outgoing goods the consignee, commissioned by the consignor or his agent, to act on behalf of the trustee or his businesses, charging fees or commissions.
International freight forwarding business as an independent operator engaged in international freight forwarding business, international forwarding agent accepts incoming and outgoing goods the consignee, commissioned by the shipper or its agent, issuing the transport document, to perform the contract and charge for shipping and service charges.

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