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The logistics function of micro-economic

Role of logistics in the micro-economic, summed up as follows:
1. Logistics is to achieve conditions of value and use value of commodities
Any product from production to the final consumer, has to go through a period of time and distance, are through transport, storage, packaging, handling, transportation and other links, logistics activities many times. Whether the means of production of goods or the means of subsistence goods, prior to entering the productive consumption and consumption, its value and use value are always potential. In order to be able to turn this potential into reality, materials must use physical movement of its logistics to be realized. In this process, the product may be rain and dampness, flooding, rust, breakage, loss and so on. Logistics mission is to prevent the occurrence of such phenomena, guaranteed products moved from producer to consumer in the quality and quantity, successfully realize the transfer of value and use value of goods.
2. Logistics is a prerequisite for the continuous production of
Continuity is one of the most important characteristics of modern production. An enterprise production of continuous, uninterrupted, on the one hand must be according to the production needs, quality, on-time, equilibrium constant supply of raw materials, fuel and tools, equipment, and on the other, must deliver the finished product sold. Meanwhile, in the production process, the various materials in all production sites and processes to pass one another, making them step by step through continuous processing, become worth more, use more products. In modern enterprise production management, logistics runs through from production planning to the finished product delivered to the customer's process of the cycle as a whole, and revolves around the morphology and function of use value changes and realize the value of the transfer. Through logistics enterprises ' production and management of all functions can be realized, enterprise's production and management activities are all accompanied by the logistics of the operation.
3. Logistics is to ensure the smooth flow of material base of
In the process of circulation of, on the one hand to transfer of ownership of goods, namely commodity value (that is, stream);, and finished goods from production to consumption of space and entity flows of goods occurs (that is, logistics) in order to achieve the value of goods. Flows caused by logistics, logistics to business services. No logistics process flow could not be finalized, value and use value of commodities cannot be true.
4. logistic information is an important basis for enterprise decision
In the age of knowledge economy, the information is life, information is money. More developed economy, information on the larger and more important. In recent years, the information occupies an increasingly important position in the economic system as a whole. Many production companies and distributors are to establish a logistics center with advanced equipments, in order to grasp the internal and outsourced logistics information, as an important basis for enterprise production and management decisions. Such as the use of computer networks, stores, distribution centers and supply, manufacturer, service provider connections to form a distribution center for hub product, logistics and effective combination of production enterprises. Rapid and timely information and analysis of the computer, through the efficient operation of the distribution center, timely delivery and feedback the information to supply dealers and manufacturers can form a high efficiency, high energy commodity circulation network, provide an important basis for management decision-making.
5. enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises, improve the service level
In the new economy, growing competition between enterprises. In the same environment, manufacturing companies, such as home appliances manufacturing enterprises among its competition in price, quality, functionality, style, service competition. In technology so progress of today, like TV, and air conditioning, and refrigerator, this class appliances products in quality, and function, and style that after-sales service aspects, all enterprise has no too big of difference, so price competition on became in recent years appliances industry enterprise Zhijian competition of main means, but price competition of backing is enterprise total cost of reduced, that function, and quality, and style and after-sales service yiwai of cost price, is we by said of reduced logistics cost. Foreign manufacturers have long recognized the logistics is a magic weapon of enterprise competitiveness, improve logistics can achieve zero inventory, zero and zero liquidity account is to improve services for users, building supply chain, an important way to increase the core competitiveness of enterprises. In the economic globalization, the globalization of information and globalization in 21st century, enterprises have set up modern logistics structure, in the fierce competition, survival and development.

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