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Relationship between logistics and trade flow analysis

Of the logistics are not in the business, but after the sale, is logistics. Logistics is in business following the sale of specific behavior, but if there is no logistics, sales cannot be achieved. From this point of view, business and logistics are mutually reinforcing and complementary. Therefore, in circulation, logistics and commerce should belong to the same main functions.
Logistics is based on the Exchange product entities formed in the spatial displacement of economic activities, resulting in a certain time required to complete the social reproduction of material compensation in kind replacement. Large production space and time caused by conflict. Corresponding with specialization in social production. This determines that contained a lot of technical logistics issues or technical economics.
Business flow is based on the formation of reason on the subject in the economic interests of the economic process, process satisfied results, is in some ways equivalent based on the Exchange objects in the transfer of ownership. Therefore, the business involves a lot of socio-economic and material issues. Business flow and logistics are separated from each other, in general there are several.
(A) the business before, following the logistics logistics is completed after the business flow. Commodity is purchased and commodities purchased, first of all, the buyer and seller of a series of activities, such as business negotiations, contracts, delivery of the deposit or payment in advance. Merchandise may not be produced, and certainly not a logistics, after a certain period of time, after production, transport from origin to sell to buyers in hand, packaging of goods, loading and unloading, transport, storage and other logistics activities.
(B) the logistics in the front, business in the back. Commodity credit sale will be the case. In conditions of goods on credit, buyer not to pay the loan, but to obtain the goods. Entities begin packing, loading and unloading of goods, shipping, transportation and other logistics activities. Was a time to introduce payment and billing, business is done following the logistics.
(C) the commercial interchange roundabout, logistics and direct. In business, for example, the ownership of the products changed hands many times, but the product entity from the original seller directly to final buyers. In this case, trade flow curve detour, but not the logistics need to detour, but directly to the supplier.
(D) only the business flow, no logistics. Only Commerce no logistics. There are at least two situations. One is the sale of buildings, real estate. A building can be subjected to many sellers and buyers trading, repeatedly from commodities into money and morphological changes by the monetary value of a commodity, which appear several times on the right of transfer, but the building still stand firm, there is no circulation. Second commodity speculation. In speculation, from commodities into money and the money becomes a commodity can be performed multiple times, by the hands of a speculator to another speculative hands, flow constantly, but the product can be sleeping in the warehouse. This is the only business flow without logistics. In addition, there is only the logistics business of phenomena.

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