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Transit transport of goods in six different ways?

I. scope of delivery
From world the main port shipping to China port (as: Shanghai, and Dalian, and Qingdao, and Xingang, and Lianyungang,) for railway transport, by China railway port station (Erenhot, and Manchuria in, and Dandong, and Pingxiang, and Alashankou, port) to Mongolia, and Russia, and North Korea, and Viet Nam, and Central Asia five country (Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyz, and Tajik) of transport, and from Hong Kong by China mainland the railway port station to China around national of transport (including instead direction of transport).
II. means of transport
(1) the bulk (2)
III. international multimodal transportation planning
According to goods in transit at the foreign port of departure time, in advance of the corresponding country report at a Chinese port State transportation plan, and notify international logistics Department to coordinate.
IV. transport
1. acceptance of customer inquiries: If the customer inquiries from abroad destined for the country or region of transit transport operations, you should understand the following information.
1) the name and quantity of the goods;
2): that is bulk transport container shipment;
3) port, and the country and the station of destination;
4) estimated transit time;
5) company name, phone, fax, contact;
6) our place of receipt: that is, from the port of delivery or from the Chinese ports of goods.
2, quote: the above as soon as possible to inform international logistics, measured after good tariff, shippers offer.
1) if it is shipped to Mongolia's container port shipment required the owner to the best abroad by us specifies the container shipping company, this need not change after arrival of goods at Chinese ports box, original boxes to be shipped to Mongolia. If the owner does not agree with our specifies the container shipping company, to inform the owner after arrival of the goods at Chinese ports shipping container leasing company by the owners themselves or agree to split use iron containers.
2) transported to Russia and five Central Asian countries after the container reached China, unless the shipping company chartered its container to be replaced by shipper-owned tank or railway container shipment, shipping boxes are not in use.
3, cargo: owner to accept our prices and asked the owner to us in writing the official delegates. Its main contents with 1, 1)---6). $page$
Place of receipt port receiving the foreign goods and China.
1) foreign goods: by shippers in the port will be commissioned for the owner to order, notifying the owner will deliver the goods to the port specified by shipping schedules yard, after the Chinese port of shipment, we arrange transshipment in ports, loading the train work. Goods to China railway port station, arrange customs clearance, commodity inspection, replacement and so on, until the goods at the place of destination notified the consignee to take delivery.
2) Chinese ports receiving: consignors at the foreign port of shipment will be a bill of lading, packing list, invoice and other documents, to Division I, and the original express to us, if it is near Ocean port, the owner informed the shipowners "telex release" form in Chinese ports to take delivery.
4, document
Ocean Bill of lading: in the consignee column fill in "China railway United logistics Ltd" cannot write the real consignee, otherwise you need the consignee on the back of a bill of lading signed an endorsement before they can pick up at the port.

Freight companies within the transport links to the owner to provide the following information: port of landing time, departure time, car number, container number (for metal box), the waybill number, summed up in the port and arrange time, foreign replacement car and estimated time to destination. If owners have further requirements please refer to international inquiries.
Five, shipping charges
International transit transport of goods is in dollar-denominated fee, require the owner to arrival of the goods at Chinese ports in the 10th, pay the entire lump sum fee to the Division, unless special terms are generally not accepted to pay the way.
Six, to the box
If shippers own containers use a protocol agreed with the shipping company, shipping company responsible for the empty containers are returned to their designated station (currently limited to Mongolia).

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