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Looking forward to the logistics industry or "Shuffle"

Recently, the State development and Reform Commission and the State Development Bank signed the strategic cooperation agreement to support development of the logistics industry, promote industrial restructuring and transformation of economic growth pattern, promote the logistics industry grow and support mergers and reorganization of logistics enterprises, foster large logistics companies. The signing of the agreement was undoubtedly down logistics "bread", but also provide new opportunities for the logistics industry's consolidation.
Strong support industry consolidation
It is understood that the resource integration of domestic logistics industry has been the focus of policy attention. Back in March 2009, on logistics industry restructuring and revitalization plan issued by the State Council notice, included in the national top ten industry planning of the logistics industry, is the only service to include ten industry planning industries, mark-
Into the specification and a new era of rapid development of logistics industry in China.
In August, the industry and information published in the website of the Ministry of Health issued by the State Council on promoting the logistics industry opinions on development policy measures (commonly known as the logistics, "nine") is a clear opinion on the integration of the logistics industry. The views put forward nine measures, including reduction of logistics enterprises ' tax burden, increasing land policy support for the logistics industry, promotion of logistics vehicles to facilitate traffic, accelerating the logistics management system, encourage integration of logistics facilities, resources, logistics technology and application on logistics industry, increase investment, giving priority to the development of agricultural products, to strengthen organization and coordination of the logistics industry.
The upgrading and development of the logistics industry, need to integrate dispersed facilities resources also needed to integrate dispersed business teams. Views from within the logistics industry logistics resources integration, comments from the logistics needs of the market, and more from the agglomeration of integrated service platform for their integrated views. The views for the logistics industry can be summed up in two phrases: one is the "m" to encourage large advantage logistics business-led industry consolidation and reorganization of enterprises, achieve bigger and stronger; the second is "Alliance", which is to encourage small and medium logistics enterprise out of small, scattered, weak melee form, to intensive management.
The national development and Reform Commission signed the agreement with the CDB, again will promote the integration of logistics industry into one of the consolidation provides new opportunities for the logistics industry. Under the agreement, the two sides will on national logistics development planning and policy guidelines to encourage development of areas, regions, enterprises and projects in support of, national development and Reform Commission policy advantage combined with the CDB financing support, operate according to market, speed up the development of the logistics industry. Both cooperation focus including: country open line active support and participation national development reform Board in logistics industry major development strategy, and planning and policy field of research work, common promoted logistics industry policy system of constantly perfect; common active support logistics enterprise merger restructuring, foster large logistics enterprise, promoted focus field logistics development, support logistics park construction and new value-added service, optimization regional layout,; common advance Xinjiang, and Tibet and Qinghai, and Sichuan, and Gansu, and Yunnan, province Tibetan logistics industry development; Four are actively promoting national, regional and regional logistics node of urban logistics infrastructure.
China's logistics industry needs to consolidate
Commercial circulation productivity promotion center senior analyst Liang Huanlei told media that China's logistics industry structure adjustment is inevitable. Currently, most domestic logistics enterprises are facing greater pressure, such as crossing the bridge costs, represent a high proportion of logistics cost in China. To further reduce the cost of crossing the bridge, reducing the number of highway toll stations, increasing highway toll supervision, gradually reducing the toll of higher standards, will significantly reduce logistics costs, optimize the structure of industry profits.
The signing of this agreement in addition to the overall integration of the logistics industry, logistics and financing environment for the development of a request. "Financing" is the old problem of domestic logistics enterprises, the agreement, as always, proposes to increase the input of the logistics industry.
Insiders think, national development and Reform Commission and the State Bank to promote the logistics industry grow, down policy benefit of the logistics industry, logistics industry and usher in change. State Bank under the present austerity, some financial support to logistics, is undoubtedly the "bread", will greatly ease the logistics enterprise financing problem.
In this regard, the State Bank officials also said that as a medium and long-term investment and financing the main Bank, which is based on the characteristics of the development of the logistics industry, playing "investment loan debt rental permits" integrated financial services, innovative and designed to meet the needs of different customers and different financial products, and actively guide social investment, jointly support the development of the logistics industry.
It is understood that, since 2005, State Bank has been supporting the treasure for logistics, xiangyu logistics group, strategy and other logistics enterprises and huishang group, Wuhan zhongbai, Chongqing company, light food, jingkelong key circulation enterprises, loans 111.6 billion yuan. Especially since 2009, and today the line to 14 provinces and 28 key projects committed to medium-and long-term loans of 54.4 billion yuan, become the main force of medium-and long-term lending bank of the logistics industry.
Expect big shuffle
In 2011, the logistics industry are fuel and labor costs rise, profit margins per cent slump in addition to the international environment occurred in Europe and debt crisis, macroeconomic short-term downside risks have a greater negative impact.
In addition, the economic operation adjustment Bureau of national development and Reform Commission released on October 25, the first three quarters of the logistics industry data show that fixed investment in the first three quarters of the logistics industry down significantly, total investment in logistics increases the total fall. Current Chinese social logistics costs are still high.
According to logistics industry's fixed asset investment in the first three quarter of 2.2 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.8%, an increase compared with down 12.4%, the growth rate dropped significantly. The logistics of the whole society totaled 117.7 trillion yuan in the first three quarter, calculated, an increase of 13.4%, an increase compared with down 3.4%.
National development and Reform Commission, said since this year, China's road freight prices are basically stable, but the fierce market competition. Water transport capacity set released by a ship and other factors, freight index is low. The first three quarters, China's export container freight index averaged 1010.9 points, down 11.8%; coastal index average of 1421, rose 0.5%.
"The market is too competitive now, not on the quality, price or not. "When it comes to logistics market in our province, and chuanyu logistics company official told reporters, at present very small logistics enterprises in our province, and some are even on a table, a Chair is a company. Industry as a whole level not to market it's hard to progress, we can now look forward to the relevant departments as soon as possible relevant policies, promote the integration of industry structure and eliminate backward production capacity.
In this regard, the Chengdu railway container logistic Park Administrative Committee Director Chen chuan also gave the same view: "our park is now attracting investment is mainly for large logistics companies, such as logistics, logistics in Sichuan province, China, which itself is actually a readjustment of the industrial structure. Of course, policy guidance is the key to development of the logistics industry, so we are very much looking forward to the relevant policy introduced. ” BACK

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