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Private capital to enter the cargo airlines

Jade cargo Boeing 747 all-cargo aircraft are currently owned by the world's largest all-cargo aircraft.
Because of cost pressures were grounded for more than two months later, headquarters in Shenzhen – China's first Sino-foreign joint venture cargo airline jade cargo LLC is expected to resume service next month. It is reported that Shenzhen logistics enterprises and road link has recently access to the Emerald equity restructuring, and giving priority to resume service.
Jade cargo by Shenzhen Airlines, Lufthansa Cargo and Germany for investment and development was established in October 2004 to jointly invest, the equity ratio of the three parties, and 51% and 24%, respectively. Because of the bad air cargo market, jade cargo has ceased operations at the end of last year, and have been looking for the right buyers.
Recently, jade cargo recombinant answers revealed, uni-top industrial co, Ltd Shenzhen signed a letter of intent with jade cargo's existing shareholders, participating in the restructuring.
Restructuring the current progress, jade cargo shareholding will change how? Jade Cargo Office of the CEO says restructuring is still at the discussion stage, there are many uncertain factors, there is no schedule. Jade cargo major shareholders-the Shenzhen Airlines said, current airline jade cargo restructuring required not to post messages.
Shenzhen Airport said jade cargo has been suspended for more than two months at the end of last year, "hopes the air cargo giant will resume service as soon as possible. "Competent civil aviation market of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of officials also expressed the same willingness through restructuring could boost jade cargo taken off is definitely something bad, good, restructuring was market behavior, government departments would not interfere.
Reorganization of the major player in uni-top group has been keeping a low profile, but its uni-top logistics official in Shenzhen said that restructuring may take a long time, will be given priority to promote the Emerald resume service, next month it is expected to achieve. BACK

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