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High logistics costs to industry there is heart pain

Two sessions are in full swing, and all walks of life in the proposal in question. People's living conditions have improved and prices are increasingly bullish, the logistics industry is no exception, and gain amazing.
High logistics costs, industry is correcting the heart pain. Logistics enterprises in response to high logistics costs, they move fast jiabuzhu. A truck from Chengdu, heading for Beijing. Xu, Henan, Hebei, Shaanxi, nearly 37 hours before arriving in Beijing, freight payable 10,000 yuan, actual costs 10,000 thousands of pieces, a net loss of thousands of dollars.
NPC Deputy Chen Wanzhi said toll road in the world 70% in China, road and bridge charges and fines China's logistics costs high and an important cause of inflationary pressure.
High prices and high logistics costs are behind one of the two sessions this year focused. NPC Deputy Huang Xihua quoted data released by the National Association of logistics companies, said transportation costs from Guangzhou to Beijing, up from Guangzhou to the United States.
In road freight, green LTL freight because of its small volume, rapid, "door to door" transportation advantages and plays an important role. "Less-than-truckload freight" between between courier and vehicle transport. Passenger shuttle that mode is equivalent to change people into goods, logistics company with sites in green cities at both ends, is responsible for associated goods, all kinds of goods into a car based on the fixed back and forth between the cities. This high cost of logistics, logistics companies are also big shout can not hold.
How can I reduce logistics costs, all mutually beneficial results?
Reduce logistics costs the Foundation is to improve the logistics information, although information throw larger, but is essential for the operation and management of logistics in the future, you can significantly improve the level of management and service, also can reduce the number of statistics, is the need to consolidate resources conditions.
In terms of transportation, you can refer to less-than-truckload transportation, integrated supply, improve the vehicle's load factor, so that the unit cost of the quantity of the goods is reduced, and, like the return of green logistics supply needs integration, China's logistics industry, return unladen ratio is very high, if you make good use of the back of the bus, you can achieve a win-win situation, logistics companies and shippers will benefit. Came into being of is freight shuttle terminus, according to understand, freight shuttle terminus reference has passenger shuttle, and five set class column of form, achieved has truck timing, and Sentinel, and set line, and pricing, and set train of service commitment, achieved has door door, and station on station of Highway fast shipped, can fast aggregate scattered resources, and whole car shipping, and enjoys priority distribution car, and priority loading, advantage, has efficient fast of features, can effective upgrade truck of run rate, improve vehicles of full rate.
Problem of excessively high logistics costs have no small impact on industry, hope the departments concerned under the regulation can solve logistics provider with owner issues of common concern. BACK

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