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Domestic air freight receiving and sending all required real-name system

Starting from March this year domestic air freight will be more strict with the items, and all air cargo shipments require real-name system, recipients, to recipients receive the goods by the shipper to provide the real ID information.
From March 1, on all air cargo shipments require real-name system. As shipper, consignor, and the recipient must provide a valid certificate number, original and copy of ID card and phone contact information. Shipper to fill in content authenticity, correctness, legality, bears full legal responsibility.
Passengers: "I think this is safe, there are other items, receipts were able to find the person. "
Passenger: "means that accept things, send things are good, all played a positive role as a guarantee. Safety. "
Receiving and sending the real-name system, the items currently on the air cargo also has strict rules. Entrained air cargo consignments in packaging is prohibited and restricted transport of goods, including dangerous goods, chemicals, liquids, crystals, powder, strong magnetism, acidity, alkalinity and other items.
Terminal-Enterprise Service Manager Cai Peng sculpture: "so many flights there are a lot of temporary changes, so it's this very strict with articles. Is required before you can board the plane like powders, liquid can go away with air freight, now set strict demands on down, especially since the real name of these banned items, hazardous materials management, safer for air. For now real-name system and controls are very strict. ” BACK

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