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Logistics Center built three major logistics park in Haikou

Jiang Dingzhi said in Haikou, Hainan Province Luo Baoming, Governor emphasized research, to develop producer service industry.
After years of development, North-South fruit and vegetable market, Hainan Haikou has built steel trading market in North-South pass freight market, Hainan, Haikou commercial markets for agricultural products (first phase) and a number of Logistics Park (Centre). In 2012, the Haikou plans to build modern logistics of construction project 4, including Hainan international automobile Park, South to the sea in agricultural products logistics market, Hainan aquatic products logistics center and new integrated logistics park, further establishing a logistics platform.
Depending on location and advantages of the port of Haikou, accelerate the construction of a modern logistics park, the consolidation of upgrading the province's status as a logistics centre. By 2020, the Haikou will build international logistics, logistics, logistics, as a whole, with strategic emphasis on international logistics, and realistic choice of regional logistics, in city logistics development extending international regional logistics nodes.
Aquatic products logistics trade have a "national"
Hainan guilinyang development zone, a new road to the outside world and Hainan (State-level) connects aquatic products logistics center. On March 2, entered the building in the Park, a wave rushing, 15,000 tons of large cold storage, Nissan hundreds of tons of ice factory, complex, staff quarters, shops, products processing blocks are under construction.
The site, the workers are working overtime, to duration of delay due to wet weather back. Wuzhou Long Wenxiang, from Guangdong Province, is the 5th warehouse paving construction carpentry, woodworking responsible for CAP template. Site has 20 days, in addition to some time ago was shut down for 3 days because of bad weather, he rushed in. "To participate in the national trade center construction, I think in front of fellow's face. "
Hainan (national) aquatic products logistics development zone, Guilin, Haikou Trade Center project located in the ocean, is a provincial SASAC, the provincial marine and fishery Department, Ocean and fishery Bureau in Haikou city approved the implementation of key projects. Centre Manager Pang, currently, Hainan (State-level) aquatic products Logistics Center first section, including 1th warehouse paving and floor are all preparations for the final acceptance. Project of the fourth section of 15,000 tons of cold storage and a daily output of 100 tons of ice-making plant, completed the second floors, scaffolding and formwork. II sections 2, 3, 4th paved storage and inspection and quarantine complex, pile completed warehouse paving is complete, 2, 3rd base of earthworks.
Item the third section 5, 6th, warehouse shop, shift dormitory is in progress on the construction job. 6th warehouse paving completed pile construction workers shift dormitory building Foundation bearing platform concrete was completed, in May this year and capped.
At present, the total 50% of the construction of the project has been completed, the total investment of 80 million Yuan, is expected to complete construction by the end of this year.
Hainan (national) aquatic products logistics center covers an area of 400 MU, collection of aquatic product trade, refrigeration, logistics and other support services as a whole. A total investment of 400 million Yuan, construction of the two, is the only aquatic products logistics center in Hainan.
Centre breaks new trading, after the completion of its e-commerce features that Hall will start in Hainan Province fisheries trading a new chapter in Hainan will be freed from relying on foreign markets for large aquatic products trading history.
Car purchase on the card one-stop service
Cars in the home, and many brand many car buyers rush in scattered 4S shops. Is there a place, focus brands, process facilitation, the convenience of customers driving cars? soon realized, this is in the construction of Hainan international automobile Park.
In June 2010, Ka Wah Holdings Ltd of Hainan Haikou, inter alia, of the China Automobile Dealers Association auto market research, proposed the "Hainan international automobile Park" project-building programme to meet the sea as well as the province's automotive sales and service needs of the next 5 to 10 years. According to reports, the Hainan international automobile 1015 acres of park land, with a total investment of 4.2 billion yuan, after the completion of the park business plan 15,000 annual sales of new cars, used car trade 20,000 vehicles a year, annual turnover nearly 8 billion yuan, annual tax revenues of over 400 million Yuan, nearly 8,000 jobs.
The afternoon of 28th, lingshan town, qiongshan Avenue, No. 289, several world famous auto 4S shop new tall, spacious, customer cars car environment. Car park construction continues, a municipal road under construction, paving the way for subsequent companies entering the Park.
Hainan's unfinished car park has shown strong potential. Regal in charge of Hainan, the Park started in 2009, has built 7 auto 4S shop, basic foreign brands to provide 800 jobs are expected in 2012 opening size of nearly 2 billion yuan. The future, construction of the Park include car rental, used car transactions, integrated trading cards on the market, testing centers, one-stop Center.
Build modern logistics center in the province
Haikou 5 years focused on building for the future "three major logistics park" "five Logistics Centers" and "five major distribution centers." Three major logistics park the meilan airport Logistics Park, bonded logistics park, the new sea PORT OF MACUN, logistics parks and vigorously development of port industry, consolidate the upgrading the province's status as a logistics centre, expansion of Haikou's advantages as a regional logistics hub.
"Five Logistics Centers" in a professional market for carriers, vigorously develop production supporting logistics services Logistics Center and market center. Extensive fine processing of raw materials, semi-finished products assembled and finished goods distribution processing services such as packing, repacking, expanding distribution processing of scale, strengthen productive logistics services, longer industry chain, enhance comprehensive benefits, speeding up construction of large specialized wholesale markets, promoting the market level, form local wholesale market system throughout the island.
"Five major distribution center" built by commercial wholesale and retail chain two levels and means of production consists of three products, daily-use industrial products, agricultural products, and distribution needs in life, radiation industrial areas surrounding residential needs of logistics distribution service center.
"Twelve-Five" during, Haikou speed up port, and airport, and road, and market, regional logistics based facilities construction; established by government functions sector guide, and enterprise operation of unified logistics public information service platform, achieved Park public service information system and Logistics Center, and distribution center service information subsystem compatible shared; perfect to port large integrated logistics base for core, and to professional Logistics Center for supporting, and to urban and rural distribution for extends of modern logistics system; speed up development modern logistics, and third party logistics, and Fourth party logistics, especially bonded logistics, become a modern logistics center in the province. By 2015, the total port cargo throughput reached 100 million tons, and reached 1.5 million TEU of container transport, airport throughput reached 300,000 tons. BACK

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