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Express industry rapid development has triggered good faith guess

Recently, the Express has raised good faith guess bombings hit the country. What's wrong with this society, received the parcel had been wounded, there are Internet users received the parcel and found appeared in the courier during the transport process becomes damaged or has been switched. Major websites, forums are all about some of the bad behavior of the express industry at present.
Consumers enjoy the convenience of express delivery industry, providing at the same time, also express a series of dishonest behavior in deeply troubled, delivery delays, damaged goods, insecurity and so is impacting the consumer shopping experience a stumbling block.
Full search editor for your finishing below the recent two cases.
1, lantern night receiving "gift" bomb their own
Lantern night received a written "perfume" parcel post, thought it was a gift, but exploded when opened. Night of the Lantern Festival night at 9 o'clock, Zhongshan Road, Tianhe district, Guangzhou City, Li de cottage community, building d, 15/f, a bombing, a male tenants who suffered wounds to the face, chest, hands. Neighborhood doubt that events caused by man was retaliation.
The sender information is hard to verify, courier requiring concerned apart and bag checks, sender said there were gifts, resolutely refuses to open and send said demolition is not good, he had to respect the wishes of the customer, probably looked at it in a special file on the bag, never been opened.
2, receive the package objects in "slimming"
On February 28, 2012, Wang complaint a courier company said shipments damaged in transit, express delivery company refused to compensate. February 28 the King received from Kunming to Shijiazhuang express delivery required to sign before leaving, he opened the outer packing bags found in the carton at home has been damaged and empty a large, found a few items less. Mail weighing 15.25 kilograms from Kunming, via Changsha weighing is 13.86 kilograms, Wang sought compensation from the courier company, but they say you have to sign for as no problem. Couriers required signatures after we open the package, but how do the weight change explain?
The rapid development of electronic commerce, to the express industry has brought rare opportunities for development. Express loss, delay delivery of the package, refuse a priori, after signature, unauthorized let others collect, poor service and other acts of violation of consumer rights, the logistics industry has brought great pressure. Experts say that express the chaos reflected the net purchase regulatory vacuum to thoroughly express all sorts of bad behaviour, and express industry regulatory control should be further enhanced.
Logistics search edit comments:
Is the era of rapid development of information technology in today's society, people in the pursuit of information taking into account the good faith issue. Express is to provide people with convenient, but as far as the present situation and risks, in order to solve this problem, what can really be done, cause everybody's guess. Real-name system may be good ways to improve security, consumer privacy will leak, this is a big problem. BACK

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