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New trend of China chain enterprises logistics distribution

Logistics is the basis of chain business development, logistics and distribution of unity and efficiency to a great extent determines the efficiency of the flow of so logistics will become an important part of core competitiveness of chain enterprises.
From the perspective of China's retail industry, though the use of third-party logistics is not much, but some of the supermarket chains in the use of third-party logistics has done a useful attempt. For example, a business group in Beijing and htbl on shop logistics and distribution. The group have a convenience store and a convenience store more than 300 companies in Beijing, and htbl is a professional third party logistics company chains, new trends in logistics and distribution. Distribution Center warehouse area of 10,000 square meters, the annual distribution capacity of 5 million boxes, delivery amount 1 billion network of stations to meet 200 convenience stores distribution requirements once in two days. Logistics cost to sales ratio of about 2%. It can be said that this is in the retail field representative of third party logistics method. Chain logistics main feature compared with the industry and other areas of logistics and distribution, chain enterprises logistics distribution mainly have the following characteristics: one is the price: the purchase price changes faster. Supermarket chain engaged in fast-moving consumer goods prices change with the market supply and demand will change frequently, while promotions frequently manufacturers or retailers is also often caused by price changes. Second order frequency: retail chain store orders, high frequency and time requirements, some small convenience stores and even ask for delivery twice a day. Third, need standardizes: distribution center needs stores standardizes the order quantity, the pickup. Four is the shelf-life requirements: consumer goods usually have a different shelf life, need to have specific shelf-life management. These features make the logistics of retail enterprises need a faster response, through comprehensive information systems and more complex technical support. Logistics chain business trends we expect in the next few years, as the chain continues to multi-format, multi species, multiple domain and multiple forms of development, as well as the increasingly wide application of information technology in chain enterprises, logistics and distribution will be showing a new trend: first, frozen fresh food distribution will be keenly watched. On one hand, distribution center of chain enterprises will increase or strengthen the distribution of frozen and fresh food features. Mainly with intensified competition in the retail market, people's living standards improve, over fast food, and meat semi-finished products and increased demand for frozen food, large retailers to set up food processing center is a trend of logistics and distribution center. The other hand, is dominated by wholesale food distribution center will appear. Some strong food wholesale enterprises operate independently of individual supermarket stores mainly in food delivery services, this will be a trend of our specialized construction and development of logistics distribution center. For example, with consumers ' living standards and the improvement of the product quality requirements, specialized in meat, eggs, vegetables, milk, bread, ice cream and other fresh food logistics distribution enterprises will be gradually transformed into logistics, cold storage, refrigeration, packaging, processing, and distribution of multi-function logistics centers. Second, third party logistics development will accelerate, chain enterprises introduce third party logistics will be a trend. In Japan, about 30% of the chain to a large extent rely on social enterprise specializing in the distribution. With the rise of specialized logistics enterprises and mature, goods distribution operations in part or in full to a commercial logistics enterprises, will become a growing chain of a choice. In contrast, some with its own chain enterprises logistics distribution center, will also begin using its own strong distribution capability, the socialization of logistics and distribution. Third, the application of information technology will enhance the logistics modernization of chain enterprises logistics-related information systems, including management information systems within the enterprise, as well as systems for data exchange with suppliers (EDI) or electronic ordering systems (EOS).
At present, internal management information system has been relatively mature, inventory management information system for chain enterprises largely covered, or even business intelligence management is introduced, as well as data sharing with internal and external supply chain management system. With the popularization and promotion of information technology, retail enterprises, especially the chain start data transfer and online ordering application, using the Internet and distribution center shared product sales and inventory information, upstream suppliers, electronic ordering, acceptance of goods, returns, promotions, pricing, billing, payment and other sectors to provide collaborative support. For example, a group of logistics and distribution center in Wuhan, real-time using wireless handheld technology records warehouse receipt, fixed positions, replenishment, transfer to warehouse information, timely and accurately record the positions and inventory changes, effective support of real-time management of warehouse management systems. The Center is equipped with 5 DPS number sorting line, in real time, accurate receipt and return sorted data, standardizes automatically sorting more than more than 2000 varieties at the same time, the simultaneous distribution of more than more than 100 vehicles except those that meet the group own the distribution needs of the company, and also distribution to the public of 6000-8000 species. Finally, industrial, material enterprises logistics in business involvement a step further. Production logistics is to expand business logistics chains. In the fierce competition in the industry, such as home appliances, clothing, cosmetics and health products field, large manufacturing enterprises are basically directly involved in consumer-oriented campaign, some enterprises in the transport sector, has begun to shift from itself to the socialization of logistics distribution, and gradually meet the demands of large chain enterprises. Second, traditional logistics enterprise to third party logistics chain shift. Mostly original storage and transportation enterprise in China engaged in the means of transport and storage business, enterprise restructuring and expansion of the logistics market, they began to expand into the retail areas, especially chain. Circulation department there is part of transport and warehousing sectors also stripped out from the overall business, independent professional logistics services.
The main mode of chain enterprises logistics from the investigation of the situation, current chain enterprises logistics distribution methods in the following categories:
First is: set up its own distribution center. At the international level, is dominated by large retailers establishing logistics distribution center on behalf of companies is Wal-Mart. According to the data, is currently the company's distribution centers with more than 100 independent investment companies, commodity exclusively for our stores on time provided, since the proportion as high as 80%, successful completion of replenishment plans within two days. In addition, large international retailers such as Carrefour, Metro, Sears, have established internal modern logistics distribution centres. China also has its own large chain enterprises logistics distribution center. The reasons are manifold. One important point is that quite a number of chain business in China is a traditional food from the company, vegetable company, food stores and other outlets on the basis of established, which has its own space, facilities, equipment, personnel and other resources and infrastructure establishment of distribution centers. But in General, currently part of a logistics distribution center information and the still relatively low level of mechanization, efficiency is not high enough.
Second category: logistics by suppliers agents, that is, directly by the vendor for goods distribution. This shipping method applied to the management of some single-store varieties, and some commodity purchase size and the supplier delivery ability of the supermarket, for example some of the hypermarket and supermarket company. These companies generally determine the uniform supplier by Headquarters, shop wants the goods to the vendor, supplier deliveries directly to stores.
Third category: third-party logistics. In recent years, the international distribution industry more competitive, a number of international retailers try step by step based on the main business, professional development of road industry new trends in logistics and distribution, gradually with the enterprise's logistics distribution business entrusted to specialized logistics enterprises in the community, this trend is more and more obvious. Such as Japan's 7-11 convenience stores and Ito-Yokado and the United States a large number of individual supermarkets. Especially in Japan, monomer decentralized retail stores account for about 90% per cent of the total number of the shop, out of competition requires, these stores were mainly relies on third party logistics for goods distribution. According to relevant information, products processed by the third-party logistics in China only accounts for 16%, the raw materials for the third party logistics of the whole 20%.
There are already some logistics companies involved in logistics chain, I believe there will be more logistics enterprise to provide logistics services for the chain. All in all, the rapid development of chain, requires not only the upstream industry, will require the entire supply chain, particularly logistics to further improve the level of organization and modernization and to improve logistics management and service level will play a positive role. Meanwhile, logistics enterprises will also be in wider areas and deeper level in the chain of commercial business activities, promoting healthy and rapid development of chain business.

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