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Transnational corporations established in Nanjing, the first Asia-Pacific Logistics Center

On November 4, the Asia Pacific logistics-Phoenix (Nanjing) limited in the export processing zone, Jiangning (South) opened, which is the first Asia Pacific logistics center of multinational companies established in Nanjing.
According to reports, the Asia Pacific logistics center of Phoenix area of more than 2,750 square meters of the warehouse, stock more than 10,000. Phoenix Germany Corporation Executive Vice President, said its Asia-Pacific Logistics Center in Nanjing, was unquestionably the radiation effect in Nanjing. "Asia-Pacific Logistics Center in Nanjing, will significantly reduce the operating costs of the Asia-Pacific region as a whole supply chain, optimize the supply chain of the Asia-Pacific region, reduce inventory and logistics costs. "
BSP; it is known, is also located in Jiangning district of Phoenix electric Chinese companies have joined the group one of the three competence centers, with annual sales of more than 1.7 billion yuan. BACK

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