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E-commerce logistics going operational logistics

One starting point is low is not terrible, realm of fear is low. More about self, the more it will no development prospects; on the contrary, the more active pay, then he'll rapidly. Many people who achieved some success, early in his career from scratch, wait their precipitation, emptied and then emptied, zero zero, singing all the way until their life, flying all the way.
So no matter how positions in the company, do not let their low state. Use your spare time to play the game, ignored. Only run out of youth in the waiting. Internet community too much to learn. -------This is a logistics subsidiary of our colleagues I see today in their spare time, food feel.
Colleagues, do you? ' use of their leisure time. I can be when you're not wrong. Because you're doing your job to my satisfaction. However, my satisfaction is that you pull in logistics management. E-commerce logistics is more than management??
E-commerce logistics and what does the future look like?
Earlier are no longer focusing only on goods into, saved, tracked------managed logistics and delivery. -Will increasingly prefer------operating logistics.
Operating characteristics of the material:
1, the rate of turnover and sales of goods is no longer just a purchasing and sales departments concerned event. A truly advanced e-commerce logistics model is to------to promote logistics, not pulling the material. Logistics concern commodity turnover promotion review the company's operation efficiency; concern sales rate promotion review the stored value and cost of goods.
2, delivery complaint rate and the exchange rate to promote conversion at the front desk of the company behind the successful transformation of the data.
3, management logistics must be just a cost center. By pulling in stock for the company. Only-operate logistics can have a chance from a cost center into the value Center.
4, material operations often focus on ROI, focus on conversion, concerned PR value, focus on PV, pay attention to price, pay attention to UE,UI,CRM ... ... Because these are also factors affecting logistics cost policy ... ...
So well managed logistics is always not enough for e-commerce logistics is more and more close to the operation, will there be vitality will only play value in the company or the company operating a cost burden.
My experience: when a merchant if you only focus on logistics management logistics Director, soon to parochialism, to leave. A more focused operations, management focused on operational direction of the company's Director of logistics, can always make the unboiled water. BACK

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