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Factors that influence the development of China's food cold chain logistics

It is understood that the slow development of China's food cold chain logistics started late. With the improvement of people's living standards, food cold chain logistics industry development there are good investment opportunities. Because of China's food cold chain logistics started late and basic equipment is old and so on a number of factors are now restricting the development of China's food cold chain logistics. Factors restricting the development of China's food cold chain logistics major what?
Lack of basic equipment
According to the information related to air conditioning and refrigeration markets, China's food cold chain logistics infrastructure is largely obsolete, and the infrastructure required for many more did not. Sentence understand, currently China easy rot items loading most in open and non-in cold storage and insulation places operation, 80%~90% of fruit, and vegetables, and poultry meat, and aquatic products are is with General truck transport, large of milk and bean is in no cold chain guarantee of situation Xia transport of, transport these easy rot food Shi most in above cover a canvas or plastic sheeting, sometimes quilt also into has best of insulation material. Direct cause of this dilemma is the China cold chain facilities and inadequate cold chain equipment, the original facilities of old, uneven development and distribution, not for perishable food circulation system provides low temperature protection.
Lack of technical standard
Because of food cold chain for the purpose is to ensure the quality of perishable foodstuffs to maintain low temperatures for the core requirements of supply chain systems, so it is higher than general logistics system at room temperature, more complex, construction investment is also much bigger. Chinese cold chain system is an early refrigerating equipment market, available on most kinds of food cold chain technologies have yet to be fully applied, relative to the international advanced level considerably. Meanwhile, China cold chain no country or industry specific standards of implementation, only a few large food processing companies set their own standard, so supervision is blank.
Supporting industries not
The timeliness requirements of perishable food cold chain every link must have a higher level of organization and coordination. However, the cold chain industry of China's lack of impact on the overall development planning of food cold chain resources integration, lack of coordination between upstream and downstream supply chain. As in a cold storage building there meat cold storage building, look down on fruit and vegetable cold storage building. Urban management of cold storage building, lightly processed cold storage building. Attention to the large and middle scale construction of cold storage, look down on issues such as wholesale and retail construction of cold storage. These imbalances saw China food cold chain industry has not formed an independent perfect operating system.
Lack of professional talent
The rapid development of China's food industry developed rapidly in cold chain logistics industry, but the rapid development of the industry and existing talent in line, "no one available" is the aspiration of many people in cold chain logistics business, train specialized cold chain logistics personnel to be hope. Cold chain logistics personnel must have a general knowledge of chemistry. Furthermore, the freezer compressors and other equipment, so it needs to have some general knowledge of electrical. Structure, process, principle of knowledge on refrigeration, it's cold chain logistics professionals must master. Cold chain logistics work environment is not as glamorous as in an office building in, sometimes under cold storage, many young people today have their standards, unwilling to bear hardships. All these factors contributed to China's food cold chain logistics professional talent shortage. BACK

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