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Focus 3.15 logistics integrity when you can achieve?

Integrity, "" honest, "" credit of trust. All walks of life are now the biggest problem is the word integrity, online shopping is becoming more and more popular, have not seen cases, consumers rely on the good faith to believe that seller transactions, of course, that there are a lot of fish in troubled waters of the villain took the opportunity to play games.
The logistics industry is no exception, at present, the development of our logistics industry faces serious problems of credibility. Compared with developed countries, China logistics business is still at the initial stage, there is no uniform, platform construction, not high integrity, honesty is the biggest obstacle to logistics and e-commerce development in China. Logistics industry integrity issues become the focus of industry, logistics building behind is the main reason.
Consumers in e-commerce transactions, not only to be a phishing site, false advertising, phishing, businesses selling counterfeit fake products, consumer rights, and express the same "slow hand" logistics problems have also occurred. There is damage, poor conditions in the logistics process, which made consumers very distressed. Low efficiency of China's logistics operation, "express" to "future mail", package lost in the mail and other issues is one of the focus of consumer complaints. Recommends that the departments concerned to encourage more resources into the express logistics market, business management and postal authorities to strengthen cooperation, building an e-commerce platform and delivery platform for docking system standard to promote online and express the interoperability of information systems.
Industry sources say, future e-commerce depends on the logistics, logistics is based on the quality of personnel, personnel quality depends on corporate culture, corporate culture depends on social credit system. After all, Word relies on integrity, so when credit system can be perfect? which many people in the industry want to solve a problem. Logistics is a special profession, many of which are related to logistics, logistics integrity are not solved, it will become a stumbling block to many industries.
As the industry becomes more competitive, we have to focus on is not only a development of logistics enterprises, also have to take into account more factors, logistics and full search would urge operators in business at the same time, not forgetting the good faith, as well as consumer rights reporting. In the society of today, we are all a part, also want real logistics integrity times can be realized as soon as possible. BACK

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