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"Express the slow delivery of" terminator

"Le Bee Network nationwide, official opening of 27 core cities ' limit of ' business, while official work out overtime pay policies and standards. "Today, the famous domestic cosmetics shopping Web site Le Bee Network announced the official implementation of" limited reach overtime pay "services, first national precedent for e-commerce and logistics sector overtime pay.
It is reported that "limited reach overtime pay" is Le Bee Network launched a new "Bee service" part. From the date the consumer orders issued, Le bee network distribution caused the order, if not served within a promised prescription, Le bee network will be committed to four working days after the closing date of limitation accordingly paid to consumers, Le bee, and issued automatically by the system to the consumer's account.
"We were the first in 27 cities across the country applying the limited-service," Le Bee Network CEO Wang Licheng said, "in addition, we are trying hard to broaden the scope of the city. "In addition, for the convenience of users understand the delivery status of orders have been issued, Le Bee Network has been fully opened" distribution information "feature, users simply" my orders "click on the" view "button and you will get instant order delivery information.
Except "limited arrived timeout lost pay" outside, Le Bee Network "Bee service" also contains has "full authentic, first lost pay", and "Star customer service", and "door return", and "limited arrived", and "Open box inspection", more items service, significantly upgrade has Le Bee Network background service standard, more items service are for industry innovation or currently highest service standard, became industry real of "Logistics model".
"The food is good, is the logistics are too slow!", which is the major electricity supplier in a Web site message most often see an evaluation. How important is the logistics for China's e-commerce?
"Now a lot of business is just a" shell ", logistics is its essence. "Insiders have described the importance of logistics for e-commerce. Although slightly absolutely, but gave away the special status of logistics in e-commerce. Logistics is not only to the enterprise back-office services, will also directly affect the product turnover.
"In addition to product quality, logistics is an important part of the shopping experience," said Le Bee Network CEO Wang Licheng, "there are increasingly high cost of electric field fighting for consumers, driven by logistics of experiential marketing will become the best ways to increase customer loyalty. "
Homogenization of products and price transparency in the industry today, consumers for enterprise back-office services, especially logistics capability requirements getting higher and higher, will render more directly under different site, choose the fastest one payment.
According to the relevant data show that because of delivery delays or lost and the order cancelled for no reason cause consumer complaints all complaints of the e-commerce industry, 40%, and poor logistics is particularly evident in some large-scale promotional activities in. Whether logistics systems still rely on third-party logistics, long high proportion of logistics cost has also been a business enterprise "psychological problem".
China electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Lu Renbo said the price war alone is not what smart business competition, business net profit more from how to raise the background thinking about the long-term development of the enterprise. Corporate promotions and even "losing money earned" more time to win the one-off consumers and raise the user "promotions waiting for bowel syndrome".
"Le Bee Network has been absolutely do not advocate price, product and service is what we value most. We hope that through product quality and good service to loyal customers, rather than one-time customers. Le bee network, which is bee services would be introduced and encouraged me to overtime compensation commitment to consumers causes. "Le Bee Network said Wang Licheng. BACK

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