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Analysis of cold drink cold chain logistics market in China

According to relevant information, from the beginning of the 90, cold drink has become China's consumers. All kinds of drink ingredients and emerge. According to total consumption of beverage logistics market in China from 1990 to 550,000 tons in 2002 to 1.47 million tons. Beverage market has broken through the seasonal changes in every selling season. Cold drink cold chain logistics in China also developed, but all cold drink brands along with increased competition, beverage profits are reduced.
At present, per capita consumption has reached 1.1kg, compared with the average level of the world and the developed countries, a large gap, the market potential is great. According to the Shanghai food Research Institute forecast in 2005, cold drink production of 2 million tons in 2010 to reach 2.6 million tons, consumption of up to 2 kg per capita/year; 2015 production will reach 3.1 million tons, the per capita consumption reached 2.4 kg/year.
As people drink consumption habits change, per capita income increased, consumer groups continue to expand, as well as the development of urbanization in China, over a period of time, cold drink production and sales will increase. Cold logistics enterprises in China are mainly concentrated in the more developed East, North and South in the three regions, Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, the Northeast is the production and sales of the four regions with the largest. In 2002, the beverage industry Super billion in sales of large enterprises only 9, medium businesses but also 18, Inner Mongolia yili production and sales volume of over 100,000 tons, achieved sales of nearly 900 million Yuan, the first industry-wide, mainstream brands such as yili, mengniu's share of more than 80%, has taken shape in an oligopoly situation.
Although the domestic beverage sales rose steadily, but the competition is fierce, cold drink production into profit, statistics show, the food industry average sales profit margins is freezing drinks industry, current state of the industry as a whole in the red.
It is understood that cold drink cold chain logistics operation is always associated with energy costs, effective control of operating costs and cold drinks is closely related to the development of cold chain logistics. "Twelve-Five" during the national development process was clearly on the cold chain logistics planning, will build a batch of high efficiency, large scale cold-chain logistics, technology new trans-regional distribution centers. This is conducive to the development of cold drink cold chain logistics markets in China. BACK

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