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Express eye "Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail"

Recently, the Business Department of China Railway Express company limited Tianjin West railway station high-speed rail was formally established, and this is the first domestic high-speed rail transportation business. Compared to air express, high-speed delivery price will be cheaper.
It is reported that the Railway Express companies Business Department of Tianjin West railway station high-speed rail in a pilot scheme, the development of high-speed trains, EMU day, next morning, next day and other time limits freight service package. Tianjin West railway station is one of the five station of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail. HSR business to handle general fast trains to transport the product on the basis of, will rely on the train to Shanghai, Qingdao, Hangzhou, and other high-speed trains in the direction of gradually run Express, high-speed rail transportation products such as cold chain, your blind.
At present, the shipping price calculation according to current local train railway, from Beijing to Shanghai shipping price of 3.3 Yuan/kg, but not including insurance costs and running costs. Insiders said the high-speed rail logistics base price may be higher than the current base price. According to China Railway Express Company, the company has with the cooperation intention with regard to Railway Express. Once the logistics corridor of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway opened, Beijing to Shanghai "day" delivery will catch the high-speed ride, compared to air express, high-speed delivery price will be cheaper. BACK

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