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Construct "roads in Hong Kong," enhancement of short boards

Zhejiang transfar Group Chairman Xu Guanju, Member of the CPPCC National Committee said road logistics "scattered, small," the overall pattern has not changed radically, in the "era of high oil prices," subject to its direct impact on transportation costs and fluctuations in CPI relates to households. Main reason roads lack good network logistics platform the logistics market.
Xu Guanju proposals introduced targeted platform or hub construction of information supporting policy, small and medium logistics vehicle management bodies and community groups of drivers from "highway logistics platform in Hong Kong" being the biggest beneficiary of improved efficiency in the service. "The Government should change the investment direction, as much attention to the construction of airports and seaports, attach importance to investment in highway transportation hinge construction of Highway logistics platform-building hub, joint planning, while accelerating the information construction of logistics platform, unified construction and operation standards. ” BACK

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