Service project
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Service project

Long distance moving

Long distance moving

* City moving provincial moving
* border move
*/> clients:
* foreigners living in Shanghai
* in Shanghai multinational executives
* immigration
* Chinese foreign-related enterprises, multinational office relocation
service features:
* quote free home valuation, follow up quote
* professional packing, Handling, split packaging in place
* door to door full service
* customs, and international air, and shipping transport agent
* abroad destination delivery agent
Debon logistics limited under professional lifting sector, has experience rich of professional lifting technicians, crane, and forklift, and to cattle, lifting equipment ranging, had success operation North Medical Department plasma equipment translation, and military Academy of Sciences heavy equipment migration, large project, repeatedly by customer praise. Professional is the base, security is guaranteed, Debon Logistics Department of lifting heavy equipment precision panning and transport needs of customers with safe, good, satisfactory service.

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